Big piston soundtrack CD

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Feb 12, 2004
Sometime ago I ran into a site featuring a number of soundtracks from big piston aircrafts. One of those tracks was the engine start-up of a Bearcat. Pure music !
The link since became broken and now I'm looking for a CD sporting said soundtrach. Any pointers out there ?
Now if they could get the exhaust smells along with the smell of the 115/145 octane avgas to go along with the sounds... what a thought
Did you have any luck finding anything yet?

If not, try:

They have some cds there. I remember some called "Round Sounds" which had a few volumes (had some Bearcat sounds on it, I think). And a couple more called "Checkflight: *enter name of plane here*" Those ones were of a P-51, P-38, and a BF 109. There might have been a few more but I forget.

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