Blohm Voss BV-141B Flaps

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Jan 21, 2019
There aren't a huge number of photos of the unsuaul Blohm Voss BV-141 to begin with, and so far, I haven't been able to determine the flap arrangement. The scale drawings aren't clear at all as the location of the sections and whether they were full or split flaps. That this was an asymmetrical design makes the flap issue much less clear than usual. I can't imagine that it didn't have flaps, right?

Can anybody share a photo of the BV-141 with the flaps down?


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Wurger, thanks a million -- those pics were exactly what I was hoping for. I did a bunch of google searches and never found the first photo.

Because of the asymmetrical design, the fuselage was not on the centerline of the wing So it does come down to two flaps each side, outer, and one between the fuselage and the gondola.

The photo also clearly answers my other question -- these were split flaps.

Finally, it's interesting that the dihedral break occurs in the constant chord section of the wing -- that's why there are two outer sections. CORRECTION: The aileron does not extend all the way in to the dihedral break--it's only on the tapered panel.
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don't forget ailerons had funky gain device on lower wings as well

Can you clarify? On the scale drawing, underside view, it almost looks like a slat -- kind of like what you'd find on the upper leading edge of the Fiesler Storch -- but inverted.

And what was the purpose?
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