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Mar 21, 2005
I've Been reading on this site for a couple months. Been wondering about teh men behind the posts. An intelligent lot to be sure.

Let's hear about you. Age, where you schooled, where you work, how you came to like world war 2.

I'm 42 and from Hamilton. An electrician. Taught myself. My grand daddy fought at Tobruk. That got me started on WW2 . I like the Mustang and Lancaster best.
I've only been posting on this forum since this sunday. I'm form Ploiesti, Romania, I'm almost 20 years old, I'm a student at the Aeronautical Engeniering University. I started loving aviation by the time I was 14... My greatest dream then was to have my own model airfield with all the WW2 birds... I simply fell in love with them, especially with the Spitfire, the Mustang, the Bf-109 and the Stuka... As you see I mainly like Fighters. I have a Kit model Spitfire Mk IX, which I simply adore, but which sadly my cat kinda shoot it down... :)

i'm 14, have started my GCSE cources, i go to school with Cheddar Cheese who also posts on here, so we know each other off the site as well, and i've been interested in warbirds for a few years now, the lancaster being my favourite of course, and i'm more of a bomber man than a fighter man............
Well, good to see an Aussie in the mix, been to Hamilton if that's the one in Vic., spent 4 years in Melbourne back in the late 70's-early '80's...was a part of my mis-spent youth !!...I'm a Signartist by trade and dabble in Aviation Art, always been inordinately interested in WWII Aviation and are a prolific reader, made model kitsets when I was a young fella but my father made me give it up at 16, joined the Army at 19, did 4 years then got distracted by females, and then kids but that's on-going....I got this PC about 18 months ago, for my work, and re-discovered my old passion for WWII Aviation, which is now 'on-going', and find this site and some others, good venues for discussion.....My personal favourites are the superlative de Havilland Mosquito and Hornet, but there are others I like too, and I am researching what our Kiwi aviator chaps did during WWII.......
Welcome aboard..... ;)


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I'm 18 and from Scotland. Have been interested in the whole of WW2 for around 4 or 5 years now in particular the aviation side. Personal favourites include the Spitfire, Mustang, Mossie, Lancaster and ME-262. I am a student but at the moment am on a GAP year (university in September).
gemhorse, I'm from Hamilton located on the Waikato River on the North Island of New Zealand.

Great to see people frm all over
Oh great, another Kiwi !!.....Yeah, it went through my mind about Hamilton, Waikato, my eldest daughter lives there, but with the Aussie flag, I remembered Hamilton in NW Victoria...
I'm in the Wanganui / S. Taranaki area...What area in Aussie are you in ?....They've got some good Air Museums and airshows over there....
My fault. Must have hitm my head when I registered. Got it now.

I'm from Hamilton and live in Tauranga.
I'm 18, still in high school, I dont have a job at the time (too lazy :rolleyes:) but I plan to join the army when I graduate. I first got started in planes when I was about 6 or 7 then I got into WW2 when I was about 10 when I started watching "Wings" on the Discovery Channel, from then on I was a full-blown aviation nut. My main interests are German, Japanese and Italian planes........
Well that's great Jank, more Kiwis the merrier... I try to ensure that 'Our WWII chaps' and their efforts are noted here, where I fact, the contribution made by the whole Commonwealth........Always plenty of discussion about the Mustang and Lancaster, most of them don't believe me when I say the Lancaster was the ''Best Bomber'' watch.....

Really awesome pic, JCS !!!
I believe you. ;)
Of course I'm only saying that because me grandad flew Lancs, among other things. :lol:

How are ya? I'm 35, in the Navy, and I've long been interested in warplanes of all eras, including the modern types. I live in eastern Canada and I can't wait for summer! :)
I'm 38 years old, live in london, and am trying to get into the london ambulance service. I've always loved Aircraft even when i was a kid loved going to the museums and read everything i could on the subject.
I've also done some paragliding hang gliding on the south downs above Brighton.
My Favourites Are: Typhoon, Tempest, Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster, Wellington, P51, B17 Fw190 to name a few. its hard to pick only one!!
I'm the old geezer here - 45 years old. Simulations (not flight sims) and Embedded systems programmer (i.e. firmware) for about 22 years, though I'm looking to switch to drilling technologies soon (oil, geo-thermal, etc...).


RG Lunatic, you're one of thre smart birds in this place. Self taught or university? You too gemhorse.
Beat you RG Concorde Im putting in a claim for the wrinkly of the site award.
Im 52 left school in 1968 at 15 with no Qualifications was a decorator for
! year, Screen Printer for ! year, Army for 3 years and have worked on the Railways for the last 32 years Im a technical officer on signalling equipment (sounds more than it actually is) but its a job. As far as WW2 interest goes I have always loved history.
Favorite plane is the Stringbag and their crews because of the amazing things they did with totally out of date aircraft.
Jank said:
RG Lunatic, you're one of thre smart birds in this place. Self taught or university? You too gemhorse.

Studied Economics, Political Science, Computer Science, Visual Arts (video), Philosphy and History in college. Learned a lot of math and physics on the job (still have big voids in this knowlege).

I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was in college, so I was not well focused. Seriously considering returning to get a Masters degree sometime in the next few years. Perhaps in a geology/power technologies field. I'm a huge fan of geo-thermal power, which I think is the best option for the future.


Sounds like you enjoy your work RG
Iv'e got 3 years before my mortgage is payed off then its a serious look at retirement and doing the things I want to do.
Forgot to add what i did as a career - sorry! :oops:

Started out as a radio, Tv video repair engineer, moved onto office equipment, microfilm document scanning image systems and building PC's installing networks i was the tech support for all of that too went all over europe... Sick of that now, which is why i'm after a total career change to something more worthwhile.

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