Bob Guilford - RIP

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Apr 9, 2005
Colorado, USA
Just found out a friend was killed while flying out of an airshow in Oregon. Bob Guilford was an aviation attorney from Los Angeles and owned a number of warbirds. Apparently he had an engine failure on take off while flying his Hawker Hunter. RIP Bob, you'll be missed! :salute:

Yea, it sucks - that's 3 this year. For you young-ins - aviation is dangerous. If you're in the business its just a matter of time before you know someone who was killed...
Privately owned Hunters could be a maintenance handful, although the Avon is a great engine the inlet guide vanes are hydraulically actuated with fuel and tend to sometimes stick, causing the engine not to put out desired power. I know of at least one other Hunter crash here in the states that was attributed to this and I suspect this is what happened to Bob.

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