Boeing rolls out big, modified 747 freighter

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
The Boeing Co. rolled out its first modified 747-400 large cargo freighter model at Taipei's Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport.

The massive plane -- one of three that Chicago-based Boeing (NYSE: BA) plans to build -- has been modified to haul major assemblies for the company's 787 Dreamliner, which will be assembled in Everett.

"This is one of the most unusual modifications Boeing has ever done," said Scott Strode, 787 vice president of airplane development and production, in a statement.

Boeing said the plan will be initially tested in Taipei before flying to Seattle at the end of this month to complete its testing. The second massive freighter will be completed this fall and Boeing said the third plane will begin modification next year.

The work is being done by a joint venture of airline EVA Air, General Electric, and a part of Taiwan's Evergreen Group.


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I have to agree, the B-29 based Guppy derivitive is still flying and uses the extended cargo body.

The 747 version is probably more practical though.


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