Boeing Steerman Mosquito WW2 heroes

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I recently went to the Cavauagh Flight Museum in Addison TX, they have a "resident" steerman that I got to hear fire up and do a run. My friend lives next to the guy that built it- I'll get the pictures up one of these days.
Here is one that usually shows up at our air show every year. It's a great bird.

We have another Stearman that comes in from Santa Paula regularly. That one has a pilot that has 20,000 hours in that very plane! You should see that guy fly. That one is all yellow.


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I really luv the Steermans glorious engine sound I think the US has always made the best radials (apart from the Stringbags Pegasus of course :) ).
Yeah it does look like a referree! If I can remember correctly, it was painted to represent a form up plane for bombers? I think. I do remember seeing a black and white photo of one during the war in a magazine article that was written about this restored Stearman.
There are some great color pictures of form up birds in the book "The Mighty Eighth, The Colour Record" by Roger Freeman. Some are polka dot, some are striped.

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