Bomber command plane you would fly.

Which bomber command plane would you fly if you had the choice?

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Sep 5, 2005
If you were a pilot in bomber command and you were given the choice of a plane to fly, which plane would you use?
The Mossie - I would of wanted to live after the war if placed in that situation. I think the Mossie gave the best chance of survival!!!!
I think the lancaster might run away with this so I've gone for the mossie one of the best planes of the war.
the Mossie without doubt. the only effective to craft to settle the score would be the Me 262.

The Lancaster and Halifax were night fighter dog food............till wars end
d_bader said:
Hey evangilder and flyboyj howcome not the lanc?

Yet, you said you voted for the Mossie. :rolleyes: The Lanc was a great and capable bomber, no doubt, but if I wanted better odds for survival, the Mossie is the obvious choice. Fast, manueverable and durable, the Mossie fulfilled many roles very well.
The lanc has always been the bomber people think about and with everyone votin 4 the mossie I was trying to see if anyone had any other ideas.
the Lanc and Halibag were the stalemate of the RAF bomber command in all positions and that is true. But it is the Mossie that was the fastest and most agile in performing it's tasks almost indifferent to what the Luftwaffe could throw up at them
i'd want to do a few milk runs in a lanc but you guys are right, for anything more dangerous it has to be the mossie.........
d_bader said:
Hey evangilder and flyboyj howcome not the lanc?

Fast as hell, great armament - would you rather zip on the deck at 400 mph and avoid getting hit or be up in this 4 engine bomber just waiting for an 88 to incinerate you, or have a butcher bird cut you in two like a chain saw?!? :shocked!:
I went for the Lancaster (yes Lanc you read this right!) The reason I went for the Lanc and not the Mossie is because when I think of bombers I dont think of the Mossie. Now before one of you guys goes ranting off about how the Mossie was a bomber, I know it was a bomber. But when I think of bombers I think of the Heavies like the Lancaster, B-17, and B-24. So for that reason of the Bomber Command Bombers I go for the Lancaster.
Makes sense, Adler. If given a choice today which I would prefer to fly if given that chance, I would still take the Mosquito. I have always loved that airplane. I like the Lanc too, but not as much as the Mossie.

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