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May 20, 2004
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Gentlemen :

thought I would make this a point here, as we all have a love for aircraft.

Would you please place your favourite books fiction and non-ficiton titles, something you are reading now, etc. you never know, some new unforseen titles published may spark an interest with our forum members.

I'll start by stating I picked up the latest from featuring the first volume of JG 300. am reading just the first two chapters very slowly covering the beginnings of the "Wilde Sau" build ups with Bf 109G-6's and Fw 190A's against the RAF night machine during the summer/fall of 1943. Good reading, excellent photos.


E ~
Here is a nice list of what I am reading or that I really like:

Luftwaffe Codes, Markings Units 1939-1945 by Barry C Rosch

Messerschmitt Me-109 Vol. I 1936-1942 and Vol. II 1942-1945by Anis Elbied and Andre Jouineau

Third Reich Cloth Insignia by Brian L. Davis and Ian Westwell

Sea Eagles by F. L. Marshall

Luftwaffe Secret Projects Ground Attack Special Purpose Aircraft by Dieter Herwig and Heinz Rode

Luftwaffe Secret Projects Fighters 1939-1945 by Dieter Herwig and Heinz Rode

War in the Air by Stephen Coonts

The American Herritage Picture History of WW2 by C.L. Sulzberger

Luftwaffe over America by Manfred Griehl

There are plenty more that I own and love, will have to dig them out.
"345 BG" by Andre R. Zbiegniewski

"Bloody skies over Tobruk" by Krzysztof Janowicz

"Polish fighter units in September 1939" by Jerzy B. Cynk.

"I flew for the Fuhrer" --- memories of Heinz Knoke. One of my favourite books.


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Great Aircraft of WW2

ISBN 1-86147-047-9

The handbook version is great for a quick skim-read, it can be found cheap and is very informative.

Covers the Spitfire, Me109, B17 and Lancaster, others only get a mention in context to those planes (eg Me262 in B17 section etc)

Chris Foss does a stonking book on tanks! 8)
Here are some of my favourite WWII aviation books.


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here are some of my collection:

luftwaffe in camera 1939-42 by alfred price
luftwaffe in camera 1942-45 by alfred price
heinkel 219, an illustrate history of germany's premier nightfighter by roland remp
luftwaffe secret projects fighters 1939-45 by walter schick and ingolf meyer
luftwaffe secret projects strategic bombers 1935-45 by dieter herwig and heinz rode
and my all time favorite:
me 262 stormbird rising by huge morgan
Les and others I wish I could be consolation to all of you, but big books are taking the big bucks. that first volume chased me down for 10.00 US shipping. Look around you could get it cheaper I feel once it is fully available outside the publisher. should be to Erupoe within two weeks I think and I think it is avaialbe in the states at reputable dealers.

I'll include more of the books from the "library" :lol: later tonight....
Inside the Great Tanks

Hans Halberstadt

- A great book on armour. 8)
I'll just start picking a few of way too many books............

Dr. Jochen Prien, Peter Rodeike and Gerhard Stemmer German language uni histories:

JG 1 und 11, 3 volumes
JG 3, 3 volumes
JG 27, 3 volumes
JG 27 by Werner Girbig
JG 5 by Girbig
JG 7 by Manfred Boehme
JG 26 by Don Caldwell
JG 1 by Eric Mombeek
JG 4, 2 volumes by Eric Mombeek
JG 51 by W. Held
Grünherzjäger by Trautloff and Bob

Green Hearts by Axel Urbanke/ EE editions
JG 300, vol 1 as previously stated. EE editions

Luftwaffe fighter aces, 2 volumes by Bernd Barbas, a classic !
Reichsverteidigung by Girbig
Rocket fighter by Mano Ziegler
Me 163 Test Unit by Wolfgang Späte

ok this is small selection of German unit histories and does not include all of them nor any of the night fighter Books...........this is for later
Here are my favorites Ive been looking at quite frequently the past few months.

MIGHTY EIGHT WAR DIARY - Roger Freeman. This has loads of stats for each and every single 8th AF mission.

QUEEN OF THE MIDNIGHT SKYS - Garry Pape Ronald Harrison. Best book Ive seen about the P61 and development of the US Nightfighter doctrine.

LOCKHEED P38 LIGHTNING - Warren Bodie. Excellent book about the development and wartime deployment of the P38.

WARPATH ACROSS THE PACIFIC - Lawrence Hicky. This is about the 345th BG. Some aviation historians call this the best book about a WW2 group ever written. "The standard" of which all should be judged.

BLOODY SHAMBLES Vol 2- Christopher Shores. Excellent two book set about the air war in SE Asia from just before Dec 1941 to March 30 1942.


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The Illustrated Directory of Tanks and Fighting Vehicles: From World War I to the Present Day (Illustrated Directory Series)

David Miller

My fave tank book! :D - this is an updated version of the one written by Chris Foss.

Even has the 1st tank, Maus and the new Russian T95 Black Eagle (the one with Drozhd and a 152mm cannon!) 8)

Tells the problems with the Henschel suspension too, nowhere else can you find that info?

For between a fiver and a tenner, it's well worth it!!

BTW Also there are more in the series:

Bombers of WW2

Allied Fighters of WW2

Axis fighters of WW2

(All above 3 are also available condensed into 1 book - 8) )

I also have Rifles and Submachine guns from this series.

Others are available and I will be getting them ASAP!
Here is three that are in my collection and are in line to be read.

Armageddon - Max Hastings
Fortress Malta - James Holland
D-day to Berlin - Andrew Williams

Almost finished Armageddon and have really enjoyed so far. I would recommend it.

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