British (and may be American) members, I need your help !

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Master Sergeant
Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

Once again, I need your help.

As most of you know, I wrote a novel about WW II and I'm looking for a publisher. I received news from my last try in France and it looks like it could get nasty with them... I mean, I already knew that they asked a "financial help" from their writers, but it looks like they are gonna ask a lot more than I expected. (I don't have the numbers yet.)

So I decided to translate my novel and try on the English side. (A hell of a job !)

That's why I need your help. I would like you to tell me any publisher names that would possibly be interrested in my novel. No matter if it is in UK, in Canada or in US.

Thanks in advance.
Hmmm... Thanks for the help, Evan. I'll take a look at it.

In the meanwhile, I think I found something... "Publish America"... Anyone heard about them ? I sent them an E-mail to know if they were interrested. We'll see what they answer...

Here are their web site :

I'm sure I would have greater chances of being published if it was a British publisher, but who knows ?
evangilder said:
Why do you think it would be a better chance with a British publisher?

Well, I don't know for Americans, but most peoples like to publish books talking about their own peoples... Specially when it's war novels. So, French publish books about France at war, Canadian publish books about Canada at war and so on...

Like my novel is mostly talking about RAF and Royal Marines, I doubt I can find a publisher outside the UK. But like I said, we never know...

I found two publishers in UK while searching on Google... But they don't take unsolicited material ! #-o

And PublishAmerica has not answered my E-mail yet... I must say that I sent it yesterday, though.
Yeah... But be assured of something : if I fail to find a publisher, I'll use It looks like a great idea. Thanks a lot, Evan.

Oh, by the way, to any one interrested : I got a teaser for you. (Well, when it's a movie they call it a teaser, so I think I can call it the same way.)

Here are the first three chapter of my novel in PDF format. I just finished translating them. Ironiaclly, they are the three shortest chapter of the book... One page (8 1/2" X 11") each.

Feel free to give me a feedback (good or bad). :D

But don't start dreaming, okay ? I won't give you more unless you buy my book when it will be published. ;)

**EDIT** : Like I'll soon sign with a publisher, I can no longer give away teasers like this. Sorry.
Here are some example Maestro. Attached is a word doc where I have go through and made some changes similar to the ones listed below. Let me know.

"filling important papers." Should be: "filing important papers." File not Fill

"Colonel Kraatz was at the head of the prison" should be: "Colonel Kraatz was the head of the prison"

"Looking by the dirty window of his office" --> "Looking through the dirty window of his office" ?

"The guy had brown hairs" --> "The guy (or man?) had brown hair"

"a little moustache" --> "a small moustache"

"Squadron Leader William McAndrew, welcome in my little prison. I am glad to welcome a man of your calibre." --> "Squadron Leader William McAndrew, welcome to my little prison. I am glad to welcome a man of your calibre."

Other than the stuff listed, it is really good, I enjoyed reading it a lot.
Okay. I'll correct that. Thanks a lot.

**EDIT** : Yeeeeeesh ! I didn't know I was making so many mistakes in English ! I always had around 90% in English in high school... Any volunteer to review my work once I have finished translating it ?
Gnomey said:
No worries Maestro, if I have the time, I would be quite happy to proof read your essay. Are you happy with the changes I made?

I like those changes. Thank you.

Alright, I'll send you my novel once I finished translating it. Hopefully, it will be before Xmast.

Thanks again.
I do like the way Maestro writes and with a little polishing his novel, at least from what we can see now, will be interesting. I agree to Gnomey's corrections, and I would add the following:

Kraatz, a strong-shaped German........... [invert the adjectives - it looks better;

....bunch of commandos was [not were] crowded........

Otherwise, the dialect is fine and interesting. Keep it up!

Charles Stafrace

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