British Bombers

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Jun 23, 2005
Budleigh Salterton
Hello, Im new here, and have just spent the last few days reading most of the past topics and I have come to know more about the site and how the conversations/arguments operarate.

Some of you may have noticed my previous post on the website. I cannot strees enough how sorry I am for this post, I was exceedingly drunk and I have just split up with my girlfriend so I was upset and had to let of some steam I am greatly sorry for any offence I may have caused.

After finding out more about each of you, I have learned the Lancaster Kicks Ass knows his stuff when it comes to British Bombers. This also happens to be a high area of interest for me, I hope me and The Lanc. have some stirring conversations in the future.

I hope I become accepted in to your humble web community, and once again am very sorry for my past post. :oops:

You can't have a stirring conversation with lanc, he's a tit. But he'll tell you anything you need to know about British bombers...but...he's still a tit.

He knows I love him...or if he didn't, he does now. :oops:

:lol: :lol: !

Why, who did you offend, chicken pants? That's you..the drunk one, I felt like calling you chicken pants...and drunk!? That's what I like...
Ignore the buffoon Bung. I hope you can teach me something as I am noted as the most unknowledgable guy on this site I thought that the Typhoon was a great ground attack plane but some people tell me it was flown by pilots that exaggerated its kill numbers.
Ive been on this site for a couple of years and Lanc, CC and Mr D still refuse to accept me on this site as I'm past my sell by date and me airworthy cert has run out. "Oi CC that pi tot tube does not go there remove it and begin again" Bloody ground crew you just cant get the staff you know Bung :)
Oh shh...get back to your bloody Swordfish and toddle off. :lol:
baisically it was something like this

"don't worry, i'm sure we've seen worse [with reference to the deleted post he made]

and i'm glad to see you're a fellow bomber man, we don't get many of them, most of these guys are fighter fans, and i hope we have many a good discussion about bombers!"
Someone should PM me with the basics of what he said? Did he tell the Paula Radcliffe and Hitler joke or something?
Yes there is, I'll send you it in PM to avoid trouble because people might get offended.
Oh, so it was his post you reported! Wildcat, if you could PM me the general jist of it id be grateful, seeing as im an Admin and all...thanks

Great joke pD! :lol: (I would PM back but I cant send PMs for some reason)

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