British Instrument documents

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Sep 19, 2012
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I thought it would be a good idea if there was a single thread for British Instrument documents on the forum as there have been a number of requests over the last year or so for such info.

I am starting with Section IV Altimeters from AP 1275 Aircraft Instruments.

The watermark is to reduce the number of scum websites that steal free content and sell it.



  • AP 1275 s04 ww2.pdf
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And section 1 - Indicators. Ignore the (Now issued in A.P.1275A) as most, if not all, are in here. I have two other copies of this manual so if you find one chapter missing let me know and I will see if it is in one of the other (tatty and less complete) copies.



  • AP 1275 Instruments Sec 1ww2.pdf
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Sorry I forgot to finish this as I scanned the manual and have since added two more versions to the collection so I will go back and update and finish what is above. One edition from the 60s only has about 6 chapters.

Also the Polish Air Museum at Krakow has a 1927 version so here that is. The different page sizes are as downloaded as jpgs from their site.


  • AP 1275 Instrument Manual 1927..pdf
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Here is an older one. Officially Amendment 31 but it includes parts of various amendments up to #78.

And I actually remembered to OCR it - that rum liquor I drank just now must have improved my memory



  • AP 1275 v1 Instruments Apr 37 amended OCR..pdf
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