Building a reconaissance Lublin R-XIII

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Good luck with your project, Toff! Haha, it's pretty easy to understand polish for me. Ślina z pyska modelarzowa! :lol:

Thanks Pisis :)
But there's also one more thing I need besides luck - precision! Not every part suites well, but that's not my fault!
Try this translator guys:

Most of what you it translates makes very little sense, but if you read it over a few times you can sorta get the general point of whats being said ;)
These translator very often do plain nonsenses... I once tried to translate my own website with one of these tooles and the result was so funny I really laughed a lot. :lol:
Anyone want to do a Polish to English translation? I don't have time to muck around with translators and would love to learn more.

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