CAF Southern California Wing

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I know that I talk alot about the museum where I volunteer, so yesterday, I decided to take some shots around the museum so that everyone can see part of what I am talking about. Here are some shot around the museum. I have more (I took 166 pictures yesterday!).


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I heard ya, nonskimmer, I have a feeling when I retire someday, I will be spending alot of time down there.

Thanks Les. Figured I would share in the fun.
friend where is the museum located ? you are in thousand oaks but the CAF is southern Calif and not northern ?

wow this is great and what a joy and pleasure to volunteer there....

super ! bring on the pics man. My dad lives out of Vacaville
Erich, Thousand Oaks is in Ventura County, near Simi Valley. I am only about 15 minutes from Camarillo. It is indeed a great place to volunteer. There is alot of maintenance going on right now for the air show season coming up. So there are maintenance flights and guys going up to get current. I got my name at the top of the list for my ride in this...


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thanks for setting me straight on the area. Yes I know where Ventura lies. man I need to get out the Calif map, now where is that AAA thingie at....this isn't the Chino Air museum is it ?

E ~
Yeah, Les, when I get up in the back seat of that bad boy, you won't be able to sandblast teh smile off my face! Believe me, when I get that ride, you guys will probably be the first to hear about it after my wife, who will want me to shut up about it. ;)

If you are talking about a AAA gun in front of a museum, that would be ours. I think I have a shot of it somewhere.

Chino is east and south of where I am.
If it was in the Grey scheme, that one might be a Camarillo based T-28, although there seem to be a lot of them around SoCal. There are at least 12 at Camarillo alone! There are a variety of paint schemes, the White with red accents, the grey, there is one gorgeous one in Navy Blue (My favorite) and at least one done up in Woodland camo, like in SE asia. There are at least 2 of them with the grey scheme like you posted. Could be...
Not sure, info like that used to be very easy to get before those bozos decided to fly those planes into buildings. I have seen ATC info in realtime from LAX (Well, sort of, delayed by 5 minutes for security). Don't know if they list Torrance.
Nice shots evan! 8) Its such a shame the P-38 is leaving. Even though it doesnt effect me I am sad that its leaving.

Do you have a gift shop at the museum?
Yes, it will be a sad day when it goes. The engines are suspicious, so I really hope he is careful flying that out. It is a possibility that one, or both could fail. That would be a tragedy.

Yes, we have a gift shop, models, shirts, patches, posters, postcards, videos, books and a bunch more.

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