Calling all WEST COAST warbird fans!!

Discussion in 'WWII Events' started by nvrsummer2, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Hello everyone, I just discovered this site and feel like im late to the party. Im a WW2 aviation nerd and play flight sims. Mostly WW2 based games. But ive recently been overcome with finding all the great WW2 things there are to see out my way.

    I own my own business and travel to peoples homes/businesses to fix their computers. In my work ive met lots of WW2 vets. One guy fought in the Battle of The Bulge, another was on the USS Pennsylvania. And I met one lady whos husband was a Captain and D-Day Vet!! He had already passed about 5 years earlier but she had all of these wonderful original D-Day newspapers hanging on her walls. Her husband collected them as he traveled through Europe during the war.

    Anyway, my point to tall this is that I would like to ask anyone on the west coast where to go?? I already missed the Planes of Fame show.. I found out about it on the Friday before it happened and was swamped with calls that weekend. But you can be sure ill be there next year!!

    Im looking for ANYTHING WW2 related. Gatherings, signings, events.

    If you read all of this, then a big thanks to you!!

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    Chris, don't know if you've seen this but this site has a few shows scheduled....

    2010 Airshow Schedule

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