calling axe wielders!

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Feb 6, 2007
Melbourne, Victoria
Just curious seeing if there is more my kind here:lol:

Yup good old guitar playing is what i do. Played for about 11years or so now, getting into the shred thing at the moment. probably more so next year when i start uni.

anyway my main axe next to my explorer is a Ibanez Sdx 470

Beautiful finish on that Ibanez! I have played for about 28 years, although not so much the last 4-5 years. I picked up and Ibanez artcore a few years ago and have an Ibanez 12 string acoustic in addition to my Vantage Custom (I customized it myself) '57 reissue Fender Strat and a few others.


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Cheers Evangilder:D
The body is quilted maple with mahogany back, sustain is killer even for a locking trem!

I must say there isn't anything quite as beautiful as a strat with a maple fretboard!8)
I have a Danelectro Danoblaster, built in distortion, black with silver sparkles, and a white pickguard. There's a slight chip in the body, but anyways, it has an awesome sound. It sometimes sounds like the guitar in Black Sabbath's "Iron Man".
I will have to take some pics but the only guitar I have at the moment is a custom Ibanez that was given to me when I was in College. I used to own a few. Right now I would love to buy a Kirk Hammett signature series and a Dimebag signature.
Very nice, any specs on the Ibanez??

THe Kirk models are awesome but only the Kh2 with neck thru......

Dimebag models are awesome but very expensive, im not really a fan of Dean guitars.

Nope. It is not actually an Ibanez anyhow. The guy who made it, built his own stock and neck and then put Ibanez pick ups in it. It has a good sound though and fun to play.

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