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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
I just found this great pic of a Campini-Caproni C.C.2 testing its engine :D


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Positive. The two prototypes (C.C.1 and C.C.2) were never shot down or crashed. Actually the C.C.1 might have been destroyed by bombing or something but the C.C.2 lives on in an Italian museum, in perfect condition.

I love the pic though 8)
No look if you can see the back end has been manually dismantled and is being held by a crane...
Indeed! 8) I think it says somewhere on that site, or on another site, that Italy didnt find out that the Germans had flown a jet before them until after the war.
the germans where the pioneers on rocket and jet propelled planes:
the rocket propelled He 176 flew on june 20 ,1939
the jet powered He 178 flew on august 27,1939
Why? The C.C.1 was revolutionary. The only jet to fly before it was the He-178.

It was not a jet. The flames you see were from a ring of fuel nozzles in that section of the fuselage. Heating the air going through the "tube" this increased in speed thus giving more thrust.
Prop was moved by a piston engine.

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