Can anyone tell were these actuators were used?

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Feb 27, 2007
One is a Lear and the other is an Air Research I have contacted both companies and they said that their information does not go back that far.

Any suggestions?


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The Lear actuator looks like a trim system actuator - it may be used on a number of aircraft. Its hard to say what that air valve actuator is for, perhaps an outflow valve or pressurization...
If you notice on the Lear unit there is a stamping of the letters US with an anchor between them.:D

I was told WW2 era for both parts does this sound right? Like I said Lear indicated to me that they have not been based out of Piqua Ohio since the early 40's
Yes That is me. I posted that in 2002 and never got a response. I understand that most parts vendors will not even reply unless you have the application. Since I don't know what it came off of they are unable or unwilling to source them.

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