Canada and the seemingly unreachable 2%

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It's a f!cking embarrassment.
Agreed. And while it's easy to blame Justin for our international shame, all our PM's since late 1980s are at fault. The decline from 2% defence spend began with Mulroney's budget 1988 of 1.99% of GDP (at the height of the Cold War, FFS), and with the very worst of all time being Harper's 2014 budget, where defence spending dropped to an embarrassing 0.99% of GDP.

To get our spending to over 2% would require a nearly 50% increase in defence spending. We'd need either a serious revenue cut elsewhere or tax/deficit increase to cover that.
I have not had a chance to review the entire report, but here is the 2024 data.



Some positive news announced today. This was probably held back until now to appease expected ribbing at the NATO summit.

It's too bad we didn't get the SSNs back in the early 1990s. Washington opposed us getting them, and the penny pinching government in Ottawa seized the opportunity to back pedal.

As an arctic nation we need AIP subs, ideally nuclear-powered SSNs. With the RAN getting British/USN spec SSNs, and everyone else including the Brazilians getting SSNs of some sort, the US opposition to RCN nuclear subs is off now.
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Blah, blah, blah. We are ready to announce a plan for a plan to meet 2% GDP that will be contingent on the following 58 conditions....

Oh and yes, we intend to buy 12 submarines but don't know what, when, from whom, and for how much. But at least we are thinking about it. Sheesh.

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