Canopy clear coat, NOT!

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Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
Oh but beware!!!!!! The devil is lurking just behind.

Not sure if anyone has come across this product?
I thought I would try it in place of floor polish for the canopy.
Sounds good on the label, but it is going in the trash toot sweet!

Take a look at my Close Up.
See that little bit that looks like cling wrap?
Well, That is the Glass coating. As per label
I dipped in in the solution, soaked up the excess,
and let it dry for more than a couple of hours.
Attaching the kit supplied masks at top I
wanted to reposition it, and guess what?!
Up came the coating................... WTA#?
So my guess is, if I had Painted this,
removing the mask would prob remove the paint!!!?
At $14.00 AU +post I am chucking the bottle.
I have enough floor polish to outlast me!
Don't recommend this stuff it at all.

At least it didn't etch the clear canopy.
Open bottle of floor polish, dip and mask!!!!
I'll be weird and I'll have been left behind over the years but where is the wax for laminate floors, remove all the new or old products to stick the capony... be it future wax, klear, alex, jonshon & jonshon or the Spanish one from Mercadona, the green forest brown cap, I don't care... they work well, the capony doesn't suffer so why change?...

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