Captain Brown's review

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Jan 16, 2005
Captain Brown, famous for his evaluation of axis airctaft during ww 2 has apparently tried Il-2 out , has been impressed by it, and has given advice on how to make the in-game handling more realistic.
I've tried the settings shown, and the handling is interestingly different, definitely heavier, but yet, the roll rates of all planes seem too reduced to me. What do you think?


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I've tried them, but found them to be too insensitive. I bumped up the values a tad and found that they work very well for boom and zoom. However, at medium to low speeds, while dog fighting, I found that the settings gave me a disadvantage. I've given up trying to find settings because I simply don't like the new yaw, flick, and spin characteristics of Oleg's new flight model. I believe it began around the 3.0 or 4.0 series patches. With the way the aircraft are so unstable, I find it very hard to make tracking shots.

I haven't any fancy joystick, throttle, or keyboard with which to map out keys, hence I have to trim with the keyboard. Trimming with the keyboard has its limitations opposed to trimming via a slider on a throttle or joystick.

I've read Captain Eric Brown's review and found it interesting to say the least

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