cavanaugh flight museum addison, tx

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Apr 15, 2005
Just went to this museum today, just a few miles north of Dallas. There was a B-24 there, Diamond Lil, never saw combat but I was lucky enough to see it and get inside it. Today was the last day it was on display so i was really lucky. There are also alot of other planes there, check it out at I took about a hundred pictures, so as soon as they get developed I can scan them and post them for everyone to see. Man I love warbirds!
It was really cool, to say the least. There are several more museums around town I can go check out and there are a few airshows yearly that I haven't been to in a few years.
7 hours give or take i think, i live in dallas and college station during the school year, but it would be so worth it to truck it on up.
That show is the only one where you can see a B-24, B-29 and B-17 all flying at the SAME TIME!!! I have yet to get to one and was asked at the last minute last year if I could sit in the back of a T-6 to the show to keep the pilot company. If it hadn't been last minute, I would have jumped on that, but unfortunately, I couldn't do it. :(
Whoa! How can I land something like that? 8)

To see those three all at once would be the best thing ever. Not only that the three of them flying would sound crazy awesome, I believe that Fifi is the last flying B-29? Whenever that show comes around, I am so there...what else will they have?
Every year is slightly different. The VIPs alone at these shows are awesome. Our museum librarian got to speak with and get the autograph of Paul Tibbets! The show is every year in October. I don't have the theme yet, but when I hear, I will let you know.

Fifi is currently the only B-29 flying, but Boeing is restoring one in Wichita now as well.

And evan, the lanc you're refering to is Taronto bases FM104 i believe, the last pedastool mounted lanc in the world, well, until they took it off it's pedastool problem is, now there's a huge hole in the craft from where she was attached to the pedastool, but they thought it was time to bring her inside, and are now hoping to restore her for a museum..........
I heard they filled the space with a couple of replica aircraft, I think it was a Spit and a Hurricane, but I could be wrong. I don't still have the article, but I do remember that they said they put something there to fill the gap.

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