Cessna Develops Flying Wing Bizjet

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1st Lieutenant
May 30, 2011
Cape Canaveral

Or maybe a Cessna 150 hit a Citation on landing?
Notice what is left of the Cessna 150? Hope the pilot got out Okay.

I recall going to Hyde Field in MD one day around 1990. It was a nice Saturday morning and no one was in the pattern. I thought that odd and then found that a student pilot on his first solo in a Cessna 152 had went off the runway to the left and totaled an Ercoupe and Republic Seabee that were sitting there with the wings removed and smashed the tail off a Meyers 200 that was being restored, also damaging a boat that was parked nearby. The Cessna was sitting on its nose in the middle of the mess, top up against the side of the Seabee. Pilot was uninjured. One of the guys who helped him get out had slight cut on one finger.

By the way, you gotta hand it to that Citation pilot. Hit by another airplane and his nosewheel is still in the exact middle of the runway white centerline. There's a man who knows how to hold a heading!

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