Chief Reporting In!

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Nov 15, 2015
Reinholds, PA
Name: Mark
Returning Member

Hey Guys. This is Chief returning.
I forgot my password and my linked E-mail doesn't exist anymore.
So, I got lazy and made another account.

If it's possible to link the two that would be awesome.
If not it's fine.

Anyway, It's good to be back.
Holy Crap I was an idiot when I started.

My first post was a story about my great-grandfather pinned down on an island in the PTO.
An American PT boat came by to rescue them, but my great-grandfather not knowing they were american opened fire.
Which is not to extreme for a young lad to say. Except I go on to say he came out of the cave with dual 0.50CALs.

Ah, to be young again.

In reality it was most likely a Thompson or a grease gun.
Before I forget I'm much more of a photographer now. Unfortunately, I no longer have my photo's from many years ago, which numbered in the hundreds.

If you find my old user name you can find roughly 130 images taken in 2010 at Reading WW2 Weekend , plus or minus a year. Although, I wasn't thinking too clearly as the resolution is quite big.

When I start taking more I'll start posting them, though at a smaller scale then the last batch, for you convenience.
Just wait until Terry gets a whiff of the bacon....I think that I'll leave it at that, as we have sensitive ears around here and it wouldn't be politically correct! ;) :lol:

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