Chocolate will kill dogs

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Oct 3, 2005
K so my dog just ate a bunch of chocolate this afternoon so i had to give her a combination of warm water, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make her puke, and all the gas from the baking soda has made her belly the sise of a medicine ball, she farting and burping like my dad used , its ****ing hilarious, and shes puked all over the back yard

But yeah point being is that Chocolate is extremely toxic for cats and dogs and in the even that one of your pets consume chocolate, my vet advised me to use the above contraption so do the same
Sometimes it happens and animals are ok. My sister in law's dog ate a whole bag of reese's peanut butter cups, wrappers and all, and he was fine. I'm sure weight has something to do w/ it, being a 105lb chocolate lab...
arg ................ my schnauzer got very violently ill on some girl scout choc mints and we pushed charcoal down her gullet which helped tremendously.

without a doubt choc is a death knell to dogs in large proportions

hussars I am truly sorry
As an ex Dog Handler you have my sympathies. Losing a loyal friend is hard, always remember she loved you totaly, and remember the good times you had together.


It is if you stuff a pound down your throat every day. What is one of the active ingredients in the pills you get to stop Diarrhea? Charcoal.
If it helps my son is going out with a Vet and she hads told us that its the Coco which is dangerous to dogs. Milk and White chocolate have very little in them so you should get away with those.

For my next piece of useless information
How much chocolate did you give to your dog?

I didnt give her any, i have always known that chocolate is very bad, but she got into the stocking stuffers and ate three of those Terry's Chocolate Oranges, and a half of a bag of chocolate covered pretzels, (and this is a full grown rottweiler that ate this) i couldnt take her to the vet when i discovered this because it was 10 minutes from closing, so i had to wait until the morning, meanwhile i was trying to get her to vomit with a mixture of warm water, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, (Vet recommended this over phone) it didnt work because her stomoch was so swelled that she just couldnt do it, and when it was time for me to take her to the vet she was cpmpletely paralyzed and barely breathing, they were about to do surgery but she was in shock and the anesthetics put her into cardiac arrest and she died

isn't that really carcenegenic?

and sorry to hear about that hussars.....

and i'll be damned if our dog gets anything as expensive as chocolate ;)

Hes talking about Active Charcoal, which is also what your supposed to give somebody if they chug gasoline, yes active charcoal and about a litre of water.....but thanks everybody

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