Colour Plan view (from above) of a Short stirling...

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Thought you might like this, its a Stirling ( RAF officer) as drawn by the Author of "Tintin"



This one is not in colour but it might be useful



And this one



I hope this helps

Thanks for the pics. The top ones a funny coincidence, as Tintin is one of my more printable nicknames!! - NO Im Not Ginger!!! but my hair sticks up like his.

I've got the lineart pic already from the Stirling in action book its just the colour top view that im missing. If theres any pics you ever need, let me know i'll see if i've got them somewhere.

Regards "Tintin"
Thanks for the lineart pics, but i now have the ones that i need.
I will be uploading them into the profiles section as soon as i can, but im in the midst of moving, so it will probably be after the move.


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