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Jan 3, 2007
Could MiG-31 and PANAVIA Tornado carry four external fuel tanks? For Tornado, I mean 4 Hindenburg external fuel tanks. If you saw this before please upload photo to prove, thanx alot.
I dont either. I wonder if the Luftwaffe Tornado that crashed today in Switzerland had externals on her. She was flying up from Corsica and landed in Switzerland to refuel (which is why I dont think she had externals) and shortly after takeoff crashed.
Panavia Tornado GR.Mk1:

Fuel and load:
internal fuel - 11,211 lb (5090 kg);
external fuel - up to 13,200 lb (5988 kg) in two 2250-litre (594-US gal) and two 1500-litre (396-US gal) or four 1500-litre drop tanks;
nominal maximum ordnance - more than 9000 kg (19,841 lb)

I just can't find any pics with all four tanks

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