Commemorative Air Force- United Kingdom Wing

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Senior Master Sergeant
Dec 5, 2008
Morning all

Hopefully this isn't going against Forum rules, but yup, you read that right...United Kingdom Wing !.

You may recall that a good number of years ago there was the Douglas Bader Wing of the CAF here in England but for various reasons it 'petered out', so this is probably of more potential interest to my fellow UK inmates. I'd like to announce that with effect from 07 Nov 20, the Commemorative Air force has a brand new, officially endorsed, Wing and its based here in Blighty :) .

Commemorative Air force United Kingdom Wing

We are pretty small at the moment with a membership of approx 30 so far. However, we do have plans for next year to get out there on the show circuit and expand so would be great to meet up and see you.

You note that I say 'We'...I joined the CAF and am now the Wing Executive Officer, so if you have any questions about the CAF or how to join etc etc, please feel free to drop me a PM or I am obviously on Facebook as well.

Looking forward to hear from you :)

Fly safe and lets keep the Warbirds flying !

Col Gary
Great news Garry - but I'm b*ggered if I'm going to call you "Sir" from now on !!!
Looking forward to meeting up at a few events next year, Covid permitting.
All CAF members are Colonels and may be addressed as simply Colonel. It goes back to the founding (before political correctness) by Col. Jethro E. Culpepper. The correct drink then was Mint Julip but it was suspected many members cheated.

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