Confederations Cup- Germany

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Nov 22, 2004
Is anyone in here into soccer?

I do not find soccer appealling very much. By the way, I do think that just like the case of boxing, soccer has become a corrupt environment.

How would you explain France was the world champion in the 1998 World Cup made in France?

I know that individual Zidane, is a great a player, but to have France as World Champion appears somewhat dubious. Some soccer "experts" I happen to know told me the french team is totalyl over-inflated. Did the French pay for winning the cup?

Greece as the European Champion? I do not think so.
There will come the day when Iceland will win the European tournament.

As to that Confederation Cup being held in Germany this summer, what about it?

Only 8 teams if I read correctly: Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, Tunizia, Japan and Australia.

Who is likely to win the cup? Germany for having the advantage of being the local team?
I am a soccer fan and a Germany fan obviously. Several fo the Confed Cup games are about 30 mins from my house including I believe the 3rd Place game between Germany and Mexico. Argentina and Brazil are in the final.

Germany is just looking at this tournament to practice for the World Cup which is in Germany next year also.

As for France winning the World Cup. In Soccer everything is possible. I watched the game live and it really happened fair and square. The team that has homefield advantage always has the advantage. Look at how well Korea and Japan played in the last World Cup!

Anyhow Germany will win there 4th World Cup next year in Germany. They deserve it there 4th one was stolen by Brazil in the last World Cup.
Der Adler:

Thanks for the response.

Well, you know, when it comes to sports my absolutely favorites are swimming (both in the sea and in the pool) and sea surfing. I am a devoted surfer, and this summer I will spend my entire 5 week vacation period surfing in the mexican pipeline (souther pacific coast of Mexico).

I do not enjoy TV at all but when it comes to watching sports on TV, my absolutely favorite is baseball.

I do enjoy the baseball environment. It is far more classy and educated. It mentally demands more from those who play it.

It is not daring to say the overwhelming majority of all-time stars of the Major League of the USA are chivalrous, nice and educated people.

I had the chance of seeing Nolan Ryan, Dave Winfield, Steve Carlton, just to name some, and they were all incredibly nice guys; open to kids and elder alike for signing autographs, cards, etc.

Oddly, I have noticed the same does not occur with the majority of soccer stars.

David Beckham is, for instance, a vulgar low budget corner prostitute that suddenly became a "personality".

I told my mom she should be ashamed of the Queen who has gathered with that particular tramp on one occasion.

I happened to be at Mexico City´s international airport last year, went to I went to London to visit my parents, that I saw one of the most important Mexican football players next to the counter where i was checking in: Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

He can be the Mexican version of Diego Armando Maradona -just never as internationally famous as the argentinian ass-.
Nearly illiterate and of very poor origin, who became multi-millionaire playing in the one of the most powerful mexican soccer teams: America (Mexican first division).

Just like the argentinian jerk, Mr. Blanco is a totally unpleasant, rude and tight-asshole. I saw when some guys approached him to ask for an autograph or photo and the idiot resorted to throw some scornful expression on his face. What a stupid imbecile.

This thug, Blanco, makes no less than US $95,000 a month playing in the mexican league (note mexican soccer league, faaaaar behind many european soccer leagues)

Quite an opposite thing happened when I came across a Mexican base-ball player, Viny Castilla, currently playing with the Washington Nationals, who in 2004 led the NL in RBIs with a total of 131. He is a real star in the best baseball league in the planet.

Again, a totally well mannered, educated and easily accesible guy when kids surrounded him for autographs.

So there is a real pattern here. Soccer stars tend to be arrogant bitches; Baseball stars are real gentlemen.

Re-taking the David Beckham case, I have friends from Spain who live here, and are totally head-over-heels for the Real Madrid team. You could not believe how furious he was when an utterly ridiculous set of photos showing David Beckham allegedly sleeping were published to prove that even when sleeping "he is still beautiful".

It was like the ultimate shit Real Madrid fans could expect. Most took serious offense, for after all, the trafalgar square punk did not perform any good in the Spanish team.

I wish Brazil wins the Confederations Cup.
Mexico City is FULL of Argentinians, and believe me, most of them are totally unpleasant people.

Near to my place here is a Capoera gym (Brazilian martial art). Lots of Mexican and Brazilian guys practicing Capoera -lots of rythm-, and the Brazilian guys are very cool.

It is hard to determine where this odd sense of superiority most argentinians display comes from, for after all Argentina is the typical case of a sub-developed latin american nation, with no technological readiness, rotten to the bone in corruption and with a minimum of 50% of their population living either in poverty/ misery.

I am with you when it comes to the German soccer team. If I recall correctly it´s been a while since Germany´´s team does not enter a world Cup displaying a list of "super-stars" the way Italia, Brazil or England do.

Karl Heinz Rummenigge and Klinsmann are two of their more recent big names, is that abut right?

But, it is German mentality. Focused, tough and never hesitating even when the odds seem unsurmountable. They might have no "big names" in the list, but they are always opening their path either to semi-finals or finals of world cups.

That is German power.
Klinnsmann is the absolute best. He is retired from playing now unfortunatly as he was my favorite player. He is now the head coach of the German team though and he is doing a marvelous job. The team does have some big name players on it now such as Oliver Kahn who has been voted the best golie in the world several times over the last years, Ballack is a very good player and very talented and quite famous now. Most of the German team is in there early 20's and very young. Klinnsman is trying to build a yound and fast team to win the World Cup. I wish him the best of luck.

As for the players like Beckham, not all of them are like him. A lot of the players are like average joes and they will spend an entire evening meeting there fans.

I personally can not stand Baseball. I find it too boring to watch. Now NFL Football on the other hand rocks!
I agree Klinsmann belongs in the same category Beckenbauer, Gerd "The Bomber" Müller and Rumenigge all do.

Great news!

Brazil squeezed the shit out of Argentina. Brazil 4, Argentina 1.

Brazil seems very powerful dont you think?
Adriano, Ronaldinho (he is a magician), Robinho, Kaka....they are very likely to win the 6th world cup for Brazil.
I dont think Brazil will win there 6th World Cup. I am truely setting my bets on Germany. The German team is young, fast, and has a thirst to win. The thing with Brazil is they have a core of good players and then the rest of the team is just average. They can be beaten. The Brazilien team strives for individual greatness where as teams like Germany, England, Italy, Argentina....etc strive for team greatness and a team effort. I think the final will be Germany vs. Brazil with germany getting there 4th World Cup victory in Germany!

I was actually hoping that the final would be German and Mexico. Me and my friend who comes from Mexico were going to go a local German bar and watch it together with our flags and jerseys. It would have been fun. But since they were only playing for 3rd place (Which Germany won 4-3!!!!) we did not go and watch it.

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