Construction numbers for Heinkel He 177 airframes used in construction of Junkers Ju 287 prototypes

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Dec 10, 2019
20 Years Ago
It is known that the fuselage of the Heinkel He 177A-3 was used in manufacture of the first and second Junkers Ju 287 prototypes. However, I wanted to ask what were the construction numbers for the He 177A-3 airframes used in construction of Ju 287 V1 and V2, because it's unclear whether the short fuselage or long fuselage He 177A-3s were used in building the first two Ju 287s and the He 177A-3 was built in greater quantity than other He 177 variants (except the He 177B, to which one He 177A-3 and two He 177A-5s were converted).


Jan 9, 2010
Only the forward part of fuselages, including the bomb bay, of He 177 A-3 were matched to rearfuselages and tailplanes of Ju 188 G-2 to obtain the fuselages of Ju 287 V1 and V2.


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