Cop takedown in Vegas

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Twas it not that fine military historian Gene Wilder that said...

Oh the Humanity

There is another minute you will never get back.
the music over the top was too loud but still funny, reminds me of the video someone posted a while back with the woman in the car getting Tazered whilst on the phone..........
Idiot. I hope he did some jail time. But likely not. $10 bail, alcohol class and he gets to brag to his moron buddies about how he got into a fight with a cop in Vegas. Loser.
I like how the cop, by grabbing the guys throat, made sure his head had a less then hard landing on the parking lot, thus saving the pavement from damage.

I've seen this time and again on the show. People simply are too stupid to realize that you need to comply with commands given by law enforcement officers. See the bottom line is the cops all plane to got home at night and it is very easy and very possible for a person to have a small caliber hand gun in a pocket and come out blazing. It's happens all the time. So just because some drunk tourist jamoke from Des Moines is begnine, officers don't know that until they can see his hands.

Another thing is nobody ever has an ID or driver license when stopped. Amazing.
See the bottom line is the cops all plane to got home at night

Harumphh... Splutter... Cough......

Why yes. If you take the incidents you go through as a single event in a normal persons life, the potential for personal injury or worse can be considerable.

Then you do it it time after time, night after night.

Well you realise you are either damn good, damn lucky, or beating the statistics OOPS, its THAT word. :p

Either way you develop an ability to move first and question later when people reach a certain emotional point, or they move in certain ways.

None of this of course can be taught, it is the "School of hard knocks" lessons that you pick up on the way.

Personally, he over reached in his manouver putting himself off balance totaly, if the guy had not had his hands in his pocket he probably would have been dog tucker.

A grab across the body line from the victim, along with a pivot and pull through would have had the cop flat on his face with his arm extended. Bloody dangerous place to be with a weapon on your belt.

Let alone if he had had his mates standing by ready to give problems.

NEVER over reach, maintain your balance, step in when you need, it helps with leverage and control. He would also have been able to twist the knobber into a face down position, brace his arm up his back, sink a knee in between his shoulder blades and have complete control in 2 seconds. BTDT.

Apparently it is all about leverage, but who am I to say, they don't give degrees for this Sh!t, Just retirement in one piece.
It doesn't have to be pretty as long as the bad guy gets cuffed.

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