Cylinder Head: What Engine?

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Apr 6, 2024
Hi: Any idea what aircraft engine this cylinder head is from?

Thanks, Jennison


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The cylinder is marked Tondelayo 43-37516 which would make the engine a Wright R-1820. What is odd is the cylinder head attach bolt pattern doesn't match the R-1820.

37516 (MSN 8494) United Air Lines, Modification Center #10, Cheyenne Municipal Airport,
WY 25Apr44. 302nd Base Unit (Staging Wing), Hunter Field, Savannah, GA 4May44.
North Atlantic Wing, Air Transport Command, Dow Field, Bangor, ME 25May44.
422nd Bomb Squadron [JJ*T], 305th Bomb Group, Chelveston (Station 105),
Northamptonshire 4Jun44. Ferried to HQ VIII Air Force Composite Command,
Cheddington (Station 113), Buckinghamshire 25Jun44. 858th Bomb Squadron,
492nd Bomb Group, North Pickenham (Station 143), Norfolk 26Jun44.
Named *Tondalayo*. The artwork for the aircraft was inspired by a
1942 film 'White Cargo' starring Hedy Lamarr as Tondelayo although it was spelt
incorrectly on this aircraft. The plane was the personal aircraft of the unit's
commander, Lt Colonel Earle Aber, Commanding Officer of the 305th Bomb Group
(858th BG, 305th BG) shot down by friendly fire from British shore bstteries near Essex, UK Mar 4, 1945 after
returning from mission to Netherlands. MACR 13535. Crew bailed out but pilots killed. Wreckage recently discovered
in mudflats of the River Stout. Bodies of pilot and copilot recovered Jun 2000.

Yes, that's why I ask. Someone printed that info on the base and is selling it as a piece of that Ship. Is it really a cylinder head from an R-1820?
I have no idea. If it really is the cylinder head of of a Wright Cyclone, it's a nice piece. Here a a couple more pics:


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I think you have it.
The Pegasus had four ports like the cylinder in question (OK 3 visible) and an R-1820 should have the valves in line with bore, not offset. The cylinder in question has almost 1/2 the head missing but the two remaining valves/springs look closer to what is left of a 4 valve head.

An R-1820 should have a 9mm larger bore. Granted there is a lot of corrosion but if it lost 4.5mm per side there would be a lot more stuff (fins) missing.
Boy, it sure looks like the engine you show with those large "springs" coming out like rabbit ears (you can tell I'm no engine guy) and the two ports where they are. You found that fast!

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