Dangerous Internet Bug

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    Don't know if it's old new, but I've not found a topic in the forum.

    A researcher found a really dangerous security problem in the DNS management (for those who are not geeks: it is the telepohone book of the net, the logic that links a series of unique address numbers to the text that allows you to search and navigate)

    A hacker who can work on this telephone book can readdress any site anywhere, and you can only imagine what this means.

    The bug is not OS dependent, that is that for once mac and win users are equally exposed.

    Actions in place:

    Client side (your PC) : Msoft has released a fix for XP, 2000 etc, Vista seems not impacted
    Go here before you check your home banking
    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-037 – Important: Vulnerabilities in DNS Could Allow Spoofing (953230)

    Server Side (your provider's systems) : M.soft and Cisco has developed a patch and are pushing the installation

    Go here for more details and a test of the server you are currenty hooked

    DoxPara Research

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