DC-3 on Floats

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Oct 5, 2006
New Jersey
Yup it's true, have a pic of one in flight but scanner is not working at the moment


the only thing i like about the kingfisher is the fact she has 3 supports to her central float, i dunno why but that looks great........
I mean if it is just for the purposes of ferrying them across to Europe. Be an efficient way if you could work it. I know there was an extra wing put on the Hurricane for long range transport as an extra fuel tank...
that was never adapted though, and the most immediate examples of converted to float fighters are the Spitfire and Rufe (Zero)......
The only american figher tested on floats that I know of was the F4F, never went passed the experimental phase though. Aircraft on snow ski's are another thing though. I think just about every major fighter in Europe was tested with snow ski's. The P-51 Mustang was tested but not accepted as a carrier aircraft though.



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Floats don't help perfarmance but they don't detract as much you might think . the Spit according to my bible hit around 350 knots and the Wildcat about 270

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