Des Barker Killed in Accident

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Master Sergeant
Apr 2, 2009
This just came through from ICAS. Those who are involved in the airshow industry may know of Des Barker, a vocal proponent of airshow safety. I got to hear him speak when he was in New Zealand, an extremely knowledgeable and passionate guy when it comes to keeping airshows safe.

March 18, 2021

Major General Des Barker (South African Air Force, retired) died Wednesday afternoon in an aircraft accident near the city of Gqeberha, about 450 miles due east of Cape Town on South Africa's southern coast. Barker's wife reported to ICAS that Des was conducting a check-ride in a museum's Patchen Explorer when it experienced a likely engine failure and crashed short of the runway at Swartkop Air Force Base. Both Des and another retired air force officer were killed in the accident.

An occasional speaker at ICAS Conventions, a talented air show and test pilot, and the author of the recently-published Anatomy of Air Show Accidents, Barker devoted much of his post-retirement time to documenting, studying and analyzing air show accidents all over the world. During his 40-year air force career, he was a member of the SAAF's aerobatic display team, the Silver Falcons, and became chief test pilot at SAAF's test flight and development center.

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