Didgiridoos, cool or not?

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
are they and the ability to play them cool or not?? because me and a few friends have just been having this argument :lol:
ok, just this once, i'll vote.........

and we'll see if this changes any opinions- i play the didgeridoo.......
Oh...my...god. Now not only is it Australian...but lanc plays it too. It's just not lookin' good for the Didgiridoo. And also...Rolf Harris played it. It's not f*ckin' cool.

It's about as cool as hemroids. And Yorkshire lass, eh? Where in Yorkshire? :twisted:
Really? Listenin' to Abba and playing the Didgiridoo? Did they change what "it" is again!?

And for everyone else; it's not cool. This man plays it (as well as lanc): Rolf Harris!


Rolf is the one on the left of the picture. And NS, stop admiring the damn lemur.
hey Abba are trendy! i actually borrowed the CD of someone else, that's how popular they are, i'm not the only one who likes them! i'll get a pic of me and me didgi sometime, i actually have two :lol:
You get the same effect if you blow down a vacuum cleaner hose. If you suck you can clean the house at the same time as entertaining yourself (I think I have left myself open for a few comments there :rolleyes: )
Thanks Eric yup super, pissed as a fart but still got too Konossos and re-read war in a Stringbag the guy was stationed at Heraklion for a while having a pop at the Germans Italians


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