dive article with aircraft pics...

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Hi again!

Continuing my postings of aircraft pics, here's another dive article that I wrote about a series of dives on the aircraft graveyard off Roi, in the Marshall Islands. The dives that are the subject of this article took place just after Thanksgiving 2006. This article has pics of SBD's, Wildcats, and a Zero...

Large Scale Planes

That article includes a video of SBD wrecks that I shot- but be aware it's about 4mb in size, so if you're on dial-up it'll take a few minutes to download.

In a thread earlier, I posted a link to several Zero pics, so if you've seen that post then the Zero pics in the dive article are nothing new.

I've taken about 21 pics of the SBD's, 15 or so of the Wildcats, and again I'm looking for a place to store them on the internet, and I'll post pic links here when I get that done.

Cheers! :)


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