Does Anyone Speak Yiddish or Hebrew???

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Sorry thought I did post the pic....... I went through the motions of adding it to my first post. Here it is again..... LOL

I would assume its some sort of Spec War shirt.......... I'm dying to know.........

And thx E.


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Med, half those chicks could probably kick urs and evans ass at the same time...

I did a close combat demonstration back in 92 with some "operatives" and this one chick gave me all I could handle.... It was actually pretty funny... I tried to throw her 4 times and she countered each one of em..

I finally threw her with a hip slide, and that worked only cause I weighed 230 and she weighed 120 or so......

She was pretty damn good.... I didnt live that one down for a few months.....
that t-shirt says shayetet 13,thats is the naval comando,we also call cokando iami,marine comando,tehy are very good soldiers

if you need help in hebrew i can help you
Yup, I know this pic, as I said: Israeli Girls are real ptzazot! (Err... some of them).

Les, Yiddish isn't very common in Israel, more in Brooklyn. :lol:

Ariel ,do you make Krav Maga?
no,in the army we learned only how to figth with our guns,y was in the armored corps,not infantry,we are not going to figth in close combat

also,im not the sporty tipe of guy :lol: :lol: :lol:

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