dogfight-the greatest air battles

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just saw this show on the history channel had amazing cgi's of individual dogfights from rickenbacker, clarence anderson and duke cunningham with interveiws from the participants it realy gave perspective to what happens as the planes were wheeled and dealed just wondered if anyone else has seen it and what they thought ?:?:
yeah i saw some of the episodes i thought it was also really good. I was happy to see the CGI's used in the show
I saw them. Met several of the participants at different times. Important thing is that the CGI is the only accurate historical record created from input by these men. Fantastic to have that because no matter how well many of these comabts have been explained the visual aspect puts it all together.

The thing I hope people gain is the re-empahsis that it was the men not the machines and the guns that accomplished these deeds.
i agree twitch it made it easier to see air combat in 3 dimensions but there was always person behind the controls that made decions sometimes deciding if themselves or someone else lived or died
History channel has done a great job with this show. I thought the episode with Duke Cunningham was great. Also, I saw the preview to F4F's vs. Zero's (I forget who they were interviewing) which looked great, but I missed the show. :cry:
I missed the one on Hellcats and Zeros (last Friday) did anyone catch it?

I wonder if History Channel sells these on DVD?
yeah i saw it it also had Wildcats in it i thoght they did a good job, yes they do sell episodes try this link.
No doubt these episode will be re-run several times knowing the History Channel. Keep an eye out and set the VCR or DVD! I'm sure they'll be for sale on DVD.

Does anyone recall the old HC series Wings? It was more of a history of particular aircraft. Excellent as well.
I saw the add for the new one coming tomorrow. When it said "The F-8 Crusader, the Air Force's last dogfighter....", I became a bit concerned about the knowledge of the producers. I have watched the show and enjoy it. It is the best representation of air-to-air combat I have seen.
I watched the one about the F6F Hellcat last night. What a great show. It tells how the Japanese were completely caught off guard by it because they thought it was a F4F Wildcat. All of a sudden, the moves they were using to catch the Wildcat's weren't working.

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