**** DONE: 1/144 Kawanishi H6K2-L - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Jan 12, 2010
username: destrozas
first name: sergio
category: intermeady
scale: 1/144
manufacturer: trumpeter

Thanks to all links and peers that I have passed the information for this project.




This plane always liked and I would have liked to do it on a larger scale but this plane from the little I've seen this very well for his size.
the ModelNo Although known as H6K2-l truly is a modification of the ijnaf H6K4 but modified to carry up to 18 passengers in a cabin not too distressing for up to 10 passengers and a smaller cabin with double seats for 4-8 passengers the plane is one of 14 H6K2-l of the airline Dai Nippon koku KK
this model made ​​its inaugural flight with Dai Nippon Koku KK in 1939 between yokohama (base of the company) and Saipan in the Marianas,

This will be the model that makes



although I also like this other

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The Betty in white with green cross is interesting as well. Is just the aft half painted white in the bottom photo??

It will be fun watching this one go together. Nice choice.
thanks to all guys

place as I move comes home, let the mold






my first assessments, mold testing fits well dry are pretty good, has some burrs are removed but no more patience, I have aguejros (holes) Give you enough to place all the crystals but the plastic is not thick or hard not cost lot of punch, but the biggest thing I can make is that having to paint before gluing the wing that will fit but anything is possible as this will work before giving any lace paint.
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Evan and I have been looking and remirando, (thinking) rebuscandolo (rummaging) looking and very expensive but I get almost everywhere between the device and I losportes nop low 70 € or is it, about $ 90 usd, very expensive for me at this time.
but when it can be sure I'll buy a 1/72.

as a curiosity I've been looking at on-line shops NZ, Australia and so on, there you have it much easier with the prices I've seen would not do to 1/144 of course.
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No idea how prices are there now Sergio, but Australia especially was extremely expensive when I moved back from Austria. For example Revell 1:72 kits going for 500 Austrian Schilling (approx 5 AUD) were going for 12-14 AUD in the Aussie shops.
Kiwi prices seem to have gone through the roof too since I last lived there (from what I've seen on the net)... I'll stick to Europe for kits!
Evan I had not looked revell revell precisely because they buy them in France where I found them cheaper, problems of poor professionalism on the part of certain individuals to not put the pages here where I buy outside Spain.

I meant that if Tamiya or Hasegawa are by far but by far much cheaper, and if not for the postage almost all brands Japanese and Chinese would buy for that part of the world, there are very good prices.
this is like going to the model, the interior is void as usual on this scale, will look little more than a shapes so no soil efforts give the interiors, windows after making model (I took as reference the plane is in the book of profile publications ranked # 233),



hit the parts and put the structure that supports the wing umbrella.


I also work the upper fuselage is quite enough union shall we say, hard


as seen at the junction of the wing structure is something to be worked comfortable working since I have to paint the wing and the fuselage side on the other.
Looks good Sergio and comparing it with the tweezers you have the body sat on, for a 144 scale it is quite a size. For the windows I would be using the wood glue applied with a tooth pick which when dried, is clear.

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