**** DONE: 1/144 Kawanishi H6K2-L - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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thanks guys

bill if someone is not called so but the truth is that you have very right is very difficult to find the gravitational center focused quit, I wanted to give a base where embers on a jetty or something but it is costing me a lot to leave it in a form correct.
some sandpaper to remove the excess putty and placed the engines and wing floats.


thanks guys,
charles it will have to wait at least a few days before you start to paint, I'm working it to the pier where you will put, and before placing the hydro on what water will prefer to make a mold of the canoe for not suffer after painting.
a little patience friend
Thank you both for your suggestions, I had thought to use the tracing paper to make the crystals but in testing I have been good so I'll use either PVA or Kristal Klear to make.
phase of painting almost finished, just need to make green crosses marks and retouch the nose making me chipped pass.
first step all the green, green on the badges, (first white then red), one day of rest after the break with very dilute Vallejo white, allowed to dry one hour with widely used sandpaper to remove given white



the bottom of the wings first give him a hand and the IJN gray with the same white vallejo give a hand revealing the gray (like I do with the black of the primer).





already done all the painting process put the wings in position stick and start the second painting process.







flaking process is the same as before with very worn 2000 grit given gently pulling past light surface paint, there are touches with a fine brush 10/0 silver and chrome, done this with alcohol distrivuye metallic paint carefully mixing it with the bottom color, after that is the end of repainting that will be highly diluted with green will give him a light hand on top.

so is the bottom.



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