**** DONE: 1/48 Blackburn Roc – Sqn Ldr Clark RAF. BofB Group Build.

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Vic Balshaw

Brigadier General
Jul 20, 2009
Username: Vic Balshaw
First name: Vic
Category: 2 – Intermediate
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Special Hobby Kit No SH48050
Model Type: Blackburn Roc L3085 from 2 AACU (Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit) Gosport and flown by Sqn Ldr Clark RAF, with air gunner Sgt Hunt on the evening of 26 September 1940.

Subject to general acceptance, for my first entry into the BofB Group Build I have selected a bit of a lemon as far as aircraft go, one that was not directly involved in the conflict because of its poor performance but was never the less involved in an aerial combat with an He 59 when on a search and find mission out of Gosport in late September 1940.

The story attached to this aircraft and its mission is vividly told in the words of the pilot, Sqn Ldr Clark at

The Decision Is Always The Pilot's

The Roc lacked forward guns and it's only armament was a motorised Fraser-Nash turret that could only traverse from the horizontal upwards and I believe lacked the ability to point fully forward, consequently as an aggressor or even in defence, the aircraft was somewhat limited. As a result most of the aircraft had the turret gun removed and were converted to target tugs, one of the few exceptions being L3085.

Extras: This is a out of the box build the kit having resin detail for the Fraser-Nash turret and a small etched detail sheet.

1-A1 Roc.jpg

Profile of Clarks Roc with the 'Saint' logo on the rear fuselage.

1-A2 Roc.jpg

Sqn Ldr Clark standing besides his personal Roc, note the 'Saint' logo. (Picture from FlyPast March 2007).

1-A3 Roc.jpg

The kit with box art, plastic bits and resin parts all inclusive of the kit.

1-A4 Roc.jpg

1-A5 Roc.jpg

1-A6 Roc.jpg
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Funnily enough, I have a sad, sick, demented desire to do precisely this aircraft from the SH kit. Looking forward to getting some hints and tips on how to do it from this GB. 8)
Don't know about hints and tips Buff, but maybe a bit of cussing. No worries though, I'll do my usual picture updates particularly if encountering any problems.
Good choice Vic, and nice to see one of the 'also rans' being included in the GB. Looks like quite a nicely produced kit - should look good when finished.
I always think that Blackburn, in WW2, must have built their aircraft from whatever spare parts they found in the Stores !
They all seem to be a collection of unrelated items, flying in formation ! I mean, look at the Botha ......... !!
Thanks Andy and Terry and I tend to agree with you T, Blackburn did turn out some odd balls, though give them credit, I believe it was a political directive that put the powered turret on the Roc.......:p...:p

Thanks also Glenn, it does look a bit like a huge Hippocroccofrog on wheels and real ugly to boot. :D :D

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