*** DONE 1/48 BP Defiant NF Mk.II - Night War of WWII

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Jan 12, 2010
Username: destrozas
First name: Sergio
Category: intermeadilly
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Classic Airframes #95 404
Model Type: Boulton Paul defiant NF MK II
accesory: It included in the kit a few photo-etched and cockpit resins and master model browning m2 0.303"

art box


and this profile

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I have looked at this kit many times on e bay and often wondered about it. I will keep a sharp eye on this build and am most interested in what you think about it. Great choice for the uild.


Ah... the Defiant appears! I always thought this was an interesting looking aircraft with that big ball turret. Looking forward to seeing the Classic Airframes molding. Isn't Airfix due to release a 1/48 version?
Good choice Sergio.
Yes John, the Airfix 1/48th scale kit is due in February, and it looks to be a superb kit - I'll be adding one to my 'BoB - Hardest Days' collection. It'll be interesting to see how its release affects the sales of the CA kit on e-bay - they've been going for really silly prices (hence me not getting one !), an indication of how neglected the type has been.
thanks fellas.

one question I've been looking at images of the cockpit but I have seen that there are three different forms of painted, my question is:
Is the inside of the cockpit was full black or Interior gray green?
Sergio, in the Mushroom Modelling magazine, it shows interior green, I.P. is black as is the throttle quadrant and various boxes on the sidewalls. The gunners position is interior green and the seat is black. The photos appear to be of an aircraft in a museum. If you need some detail photos, PM your email and I'll send what you need.

Thanks to all fellas

as it is impossible to solve the deformation of the barrels of the guns I've searched to find them and change them so soon put pictures of the cockpit painted
this is as I left for the moment still have to paint and do something more than wearing effect panels.






This is the turret, in the absence of placing guns


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