**** DONE: 1/48 F-80c "Lio-do-bee "- Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Jan 1, 2012
north carolina
User name: Meatloaf109
Name: Paul
Catagory: Intermediate
Manufacturer: Monogram
Kit: Lockheed F-80c
Accessories: none, O.O.B.

It's a new boxing of the old kit, 4th by my count, with decals for the Acrojets demonstration team, and "Lio-Do-Bee" flown by Lt.Col. Oliver Cellini. 51st fighter wing, Korea. Near as I can figure the planes name represents his daughters, Linda, Donna and Beverly.
By an odd coincidence, newly minted Lt. Cellini flew P-35's out of Sefrige Field, Michigan!:shock:
Synchronicity!!! I just love it when life gets surreal!
(Info courtesy of p47pilots.com)
F-80 box.jpg
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p-80 nose.jpg

Thanks one and all for the kind words!
The fuselage rear halves went together well, but the front pair was a different story. Major warpage. Don't know if this is due to age of molds or that our friends, the Chinese, are pressing them. I ended up glueing just the nose last night then the long seam behind the cockpit today.
I was going to trick out the gun bay, (you know, just for fun) but found that I would have to use an obscene amount of weight if it was placed in the space under the cockpit.
This Monogram design, while cool for the "superdetailermaniac"s among us, has always been a wicked tail sitter. Remind me to tell you the story of the nose weight vs. the weak landing gear sometime. Its a riot...
By happy chance, when I clipped out the middle structure in the bay, a small lead weight slid right in.
The fit of the four parts that form the fuselage, (and that's alot of effin' f's), is far from fantastic. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)
It took some fancy fitting, (O.k. that's it), to finally finagle the final figuration!!! (Arghhh, please help me!!!)
Anyways, How about that shoulder patch?
p-80 fit.jpg

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