**** DONE: GB-48 1/48 F6F-5 - Carrier & Maritime Patrol A/C of WWII

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Hey, Guys,
I spent the last few days adding some more detail to the engine for the Hellcat. I used some 0.22 solder to create what I believe are oil plumbing lines that go between the rocker covers. I was trying to figure out how create these without cutting each one individually. What I came up with is in pic 1. I took an old hotel key card, cut it to proper width and then in half. I then glued the two pieces together, wrapped the "jig" with the solder and then cut the solder using the joint between the pieces as a guide. Viola, a ton of plumbing in about 5 minutes (pic 2).

Oil line jig.jpgOil piping ready.jpg

I then proceeded to carefully place these on the heads. Slow and steady and thank God for finding these quilling tweezers.

Oil hoses done.jpg

I am now working on the line that is found running between the cylinders. Same solder, cut to 0.25 inch wide and careful application of CA then placing the line in place. No pics yet though. BTW, these will be placed ONLY on the front row of cylinders for the obvious reason that they cannot be seen in the rear cylinders.

After all the plumbing is in place, I will spend some time on the magnetos adding a little detail. Then I need to sort out the governor that is in between the mags and not molded in. I am not 100% sure this is needed. I need to sort just what model of the R-2800 was used in F6F-5. I have found more references showing a governor for the F6F-5 than without the governor. A touch of additional wiring will be needed for the mags and the governor. After that is all sorted, I will be ready to call the added engine detail completed and get back on with the main build.

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Well, there is a simple, molded in governor on the gear reduction piece. My bad in my earlier post as I was very myopically focused on the magneto. So, I need to think about if I can do anything with the molded in governor. I am looking at ideas right now. Not sure I will much other than add a little wiring. No pics this post.
Hey, Guys,
I finished the engine details and I am reasonably happy with the results. I will grime up the front of the engine after I have it mounted to the fuse.

Engine Details Complete 1.jpgEngine Details Complete 2.jpg

Don talked me into getting a wing fold set from Wolf Pack for the Hellcat. I received that Thursday, LOVELY set. I'll post a few pictures of the set later today or tomorrow.

Finishing up the cowling and seam clean up. I need to sort out the panel lines and get these rescribed. Ditto for the rivets. Speaking of rivets, I grabbed a few riveting tools from UMM. Great tools. They feel real good in my hand. Yeah, you cannot change the riveting wheels, but they feel very stable in my hand.

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Ok, here are the pics I promised. The first is a subset of the riveting tools. The plain wood handled one is a Rosie Riveter, single wheel tool. The rest are UMM branded tools (at least I think they are). All of them feel very good in my hand and they are far more stable to use. I have a few more on order right now. I have about 8 in my collection so far. Not cheap, but they work far better than the Trumpeter tool I have now.

riveting tools.jpg

The next 3 are of the Wolf Pack wing fold set for the Hellcat. Don has been talking my ear off for over a year about Wolf Pack. However, this is my first Navy bird in ages. I finally decided to order the fold kit and see just how good these are. Yes, Don was right. Lovely set with great molding. This set completely replaces the kit wing, no trying to graft resin pieces into plastic kit parts. This should make for a far easier thing to use. I reserve final judgement until after I have the set in place.

Wolfopack 1.jpg Wolf Pack 2.jpg Wolf Pack 3.jpg

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