**** DONE: GB-55 1:72 Gotha Go-244 - MTO III

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Tech Sergeant
Dec 6, 2005
North Delta BC
Username: Bustedwing
First name: Graham
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Italeri
Kit Goths G0 242/244
Scale: 1:72
Add ons. Some scratch built details and and after market decal set ( if I can find one)

This will be the second go at this kit for me. I built the 242 version several years ago. I picked this kit up off E Bay Years ago as well. It has been started but only the tail booms have been glued together. A lot of the parts have been separated from the trees but it looks to be all there except the decal sheet that looks like it was discovered by Howard Carter !

Go244 (1)r.jpg

Go-242 (22)r.jpg

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