**** DONE: GB-56 1/72 P-47M - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Jock Tamson

Staff Sergeant
Jan 14, 2019
Username - Jock Tamson
First name - Greg
Category - Beginner out of the box
Kit - P-47M Thunderbolt
Manufacturer - Revell
Scale - 1/72
Extras - none

I want to take part with this kit:


I built one of these a few years back as the box top example:


So this time around I'll be doing the alternative version:


Colours are grey/green uppers with aluminium undersides. Nose band is red and rudder is yellow.

Looking forward to starting shortly.

Cheers Greg 👍
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Thanks everyone 👍

Preparing to start....


Quite a bit of flash on the cockpit components but then it's a 1998 tooling.


Fuselage sides showing some nice details.

So it's time for clean up prior to a bit of construction. More soon.

Cheers Greg
Well now, you've got One under your belt.....!
Now is the time to go Radical dude.
Get some Styrene sticks and scrape the side walls of the pit clean.
Then add some cut down stick for the boxes, some tiny square for the framework.
Take some chances!!!!!!! Just sayin.
Thanks all for your comments.

I have a bit of progress to share. Cockpit is painted and assembled with no issues. For 1/72 scale it's got a good level of detail OOTB.

I have also assembled the wing halves and closed the fuse.

All in all a nice relaxing build so far.

Thanks for looking. Cheers Greg 👍





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