**** DONE: GB-57 1/72 Gloster Gladiator - WW2 Foreign Service

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Greg Boeser

1st Sergeant
Jul 29, 2016
Username: Greg Boeser
Name: Greg
Catagory: Basic, Beginner
Kit: Matchbox Gloster Gladiator
Scale: 1/72
Accessories: ABT decals

Well, my hunt for a 1:72 Hawk 75 was a bust, but I found two (2!) Matchbox Gloster Gladiators, boxed in 1972 and '73, respectively. Rooting around in their decal drawer, I found a sheet for Belgian AF. SCORE! :cheers:

My build will be "G 23" of 1e Escadrille 'La Comete', 2e Regiment, Aeronautique Militaire Belge.

This will be pretty much a OOB build with the addition of the Belgian decals.
Since everybody does their cockpit first, let me just say, there is no cockpit! The kit's interior consists of a floor, and a seat. I painted the floor aluminum, and the seat and inside of fuselage British interior green. The fuselage sides went together just fine. Attached the rudder and horizontal stabilizers. Added a bit of sheet styrene at the rear of the cockpit opening as there should be a bulkhead there. I'll need to file it down a little later.
Engine cowl and engine went together ok. Had to file some blobs off the inside of cowl to fit engine in. Engine painted flat black, cylinders dry brushed aluminum. To achieve "dark bronze" for collector ring, I mixed Tamiya red brown, gunmetal, and gold leaf. I will never achieve that exact color again.

Great to see this golden oldie being built, and in Belgian colours, too. Will you be going with the slightly contentious blue rudder shown in various profiles?

No blue rudder. The decal instructions describe the upper surfaces as "dark khaki", though most other references say "dark olive".
Right now I'm trying to figure out the best brown for the prop.
I agree it's nice to see an oldiebeing built, I remember to have build it when I was 13 or 14 years old.
Nice choice and nice start Greg
It's nice that I got the kit for $9, and the decals for $2.
I remember building the Zero (orange and white) and the Spitfire when I was kid.
A bit of progress today. Prop installed and painted. Front fuselage deck and wing struts installed. Lower wing installed. Waiting for the glue to dry, then I can file/sand off all the excess and paint the upper and lower surfaces.
Darn! My Polly Scale paints that I bought, oh, twenty-some years ago have all petrified! Looks like another trip to the hobby store is in order. The Vallejo khaki brown is too brown.
When I was planning ahead for my Belgian Gladiator (its still in its box!) I settled on Hataka A018 US Olive Drab (late) - might be worth a look?


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