**** DONE: Mk1 Spit 92 Sq BoB Group Build.

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Nov 20, 2007

Well I am getting in with the first of two builds for this BoB GB.I am starting with the very simple and easy Tamiya MK 1 Spitfire and this well be OOB all the way.I wanted something simple and working in 1/72 lends that.The main purpose is to clear out OS of models I have but to build and paint something that is pleasing to the eye.

decided I am going to build this Hase kit for fun along side this one.;)


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Ah Ha, another Auxilliary Air Force squadron! And my 'local' squadron at that - 'County of Chester Squadron. Nice choice.
Probably one of the most seen photos of the BoB shows the Squadron airborne over Gravesend - can't miss 'em with those over-sized code letters !!
Oops Just noticed - must have misread the title, I thought it was 610 Squadron ! If it's 601 'County of London' Squadron, as in the thread title, then there's a big problem ! The Squadron didn't get Spits, MkVs, until March 1942 - they flew Hurricanes during the BoB, coded UF.
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If it's 601 'County of London' Squadron, as in the thread title, then there's a big problem ! The Squadron didn't get Spits, MkVs, until March 1942 - they flew Hurricanes during the BoB, coded UF.

Terry you really need to start laying off the juice bud it's 92sq.I checked this one out Dunkirk and Biggen Hill.
EH? But the thread title says 601 Squadron ! The pic of the model shows the codes for 610 Squadron (DW). So where does 92 Sqn come into it ???!!
For some reason Terry I cannot change the title everyone sees to 92nd .I have QJ B with #x4561 on the decal sheet.I was just not fond of the 1/2 black underwing pattern hence the reason for 601sq (millionares club) that right?Wow I see what you are saying now it is DW so I could still do it under 610sq?If that is the case 610 is the way I would like to go.
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Whichever you want to choose Kevin. Have a look at the 'BoB Bits Box' section covering the RAF camouflage and markings schemes, it explains the changes to the underside colours, and you'll find that the black/white had gone by the begining of the Battle, so just adjust accordingly as per the squadron you settle on - it's that simple !
When you've decided, edit the post to change the title accordingly, and include the words 'Group Build', so that admin/mods know to move it into the BoB GB, and we judges know what we're looking at !
Took it as far as I can on the edit Terry look at post #1.I found the "Bits" and printed for reference and good thing I did Tamiya had "B" scheme wereas it suppose to be an "A".
Thks David.I was wondering if a mod could change the title to Mk1 Spit 92Sq please.Thks
I have gotten the copit painted and put together in short order and the wings mounted.This is a very easy build something I needed.I am now off to sanding what seems on the bottom not much.Cheers


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It is Terry my last bottle of interior green was all dried up so it's green zinc chromate.I did p/u up some this afternoon and will use on the WWells.
Ah, I understand. Bear in mind that the British Cockpit Green is totally different to US Interior green though much paler, a bit like sage green.
I have gotten the sky kaid on.I went to remove the clamps and the R/W was higher I finally got the weld to break some and got it to were it needs to be.I might of moved alittle to fast on this one.I still have two seams that showed up through the paint on the wing tip area and the scoop needs more work.Cheers


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The seams and scoop have been taken care of on this one and the masking applied and then the DK Earth.You will notice that the MKIX got some attention today also all together today I would say 10hrs in the shop modeling :).Cheers


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Looking good and progressing nicely Kevin. It would help the judges if you can restrict the photos to the model for the specific build though - less distracting - and a bit closer if possible please.

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