**** DONE: Unofficial Bf109-x GB: 1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla

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Wayne Little

Oct 7, 2006
Adelaide Sth. Aust.
User Name : Wayne Little
First Name : Wayne
Category : Advanced
Manufacturer/ Model : Revell Bf109G-10 ERLA
Scale : 1/32
Extras : Eduard Seatbelts

Late in the war the Kampfgeschwader or Bomber Groups began disbanding, some of these former KG units began conversion to the Me262, Fw190A/F and Bf109G-10 and operate as fighters – becoming Kampfgeschwader (Jagd) [Fighter] units.

Sometime in March of 1945 the KG(J) units still operational began applying the Reichsverteidigung (RV) "Defence of the Reich" tactical recognition markings.

Photographic reference indicates that the KG(J) units applied a Chequerband pattern to the rear fuselage of their aircraft.

There are 3 known assigned patterns for the Aircraft, these are the RED/BLACK of KG(J) 6, BLUE/WHITE for KG(J)54 and GREEN/WHITE for KG(J)27

In addition the KG(J) units were ordered to discard their old Bomber style Alpha-numeric identification codes and apply standard fighter unit numbers in the relevant Staffel Colours or Command Chevrons and Bars.

Bringing me to my subject aircraft, an ERLA built Bf109G-10 'White 22'.
A Red/Black chequerband is painted on it's rear fuselage and it's White number indicates it's assignment to 1 Staffel of KG(J)6.
The aircraft was found at the end of the war at Bad Aibling airfield.
There are not many good images of this aircraft, 2 are shown coming from the JaPo Book noted.
A far away image that in fact shows the best details of White 22 and the second, details of the front and rear areas….

White 22_4608a.jpg
White 22_image.jpg
Bf109G-10KG(J)6_White 22_profile JaPo.jpg
Great having you join this 'select' 109 group; 14 entries so far with 11 participants. By the end there should be a good showing of 'finished' models to vote on. Although I'm not sure this one will fit in the allotted photo sizing??

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