Dornier Do 11 and Do 17K

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Jan 1, 2006
What was the maximum speed of the Do 11?

What was the weight unloaded and combat range of a Do 17K?


Dornier DO-11

ype: Heavy Bomber
Origin: Dornier Metallbauten, Switzerland; later Dornier-Werke GmbH
Models: Do F (Do 11A), 11C and 11D
Production: N/A
First Flight: Do F: May 7, 1932
Model: Siemens (Bristol Licence) Sh 22-B-2
Type: Nine-cyl. radial
Number: 2 Horsepower: 650hp
Wing span: 28m (91 ft. 10.25 in.)
Wing span: (D) 26.29m (86 ft. 3.5 in.)
Wing Surface Area: N/A
Length: 18.79m (61 ft. 8 in.)
Height: 5.49m (18 ft.)

Weights: (D Model)
Empty: 5,975kg (13,173 lbs.)
Loaded: 8,200kg (18,080 lbs.)

Performance: (D Model)
Maximum Speed: 161 mph (259 kph)
Cruise Speed: 140 mph (225 kph)
Range: 960km (596 miles)
Initial Climb: N/A
Endurance: N/A
Service Ceiling: 13,450 ft. (4100m)
Three 7.92mm MG 15 Machine Guns manually aimed in nose, dorsal and ventral positions.

Bombload of up to 2,205lb (1000kg)

Couldn't find any data on the DO-17K but it has the same engine as the DO-17E according to and so I suspect that the data would be similar although I cannot confirm this.
Do 17k was the export version for Yugoslavia powerd by Gnome Rhone engines rates at 980hp with the long nose
max speed at sea level 222mph
' " 11320 ft 259
range of 1490miles in recce version
2200lb bomb load
a 7.92 mm browning in nose and one 20mm hispano 404

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